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Why we do this

Having been completely obsessed with Texas BBQ smoked food for as long as we can remember, we found ourselves repeatedly frustrated at the lack of quality, authentic smoke houses in the UK. Many simply BBQ rather than smoke, apparent by the lack of pink smoke ring. Many also champion their burgers, not that they're not delicious but it can sometimes take the focus off what we're there for, to eat smoked meat! 

So after resorting to buying our own smoker and opting to eat in rather than eat out, we spent years perfecting the perfect smokes. After much encouragement from friends and family we started to realise that there are many others who shared our love of smoked meat. From there we began to service a small, loyal customer base in and around the LS26 (Leeds) postcode. Due to high demand we've upgraded our equipment, enabling us to make more people happy with our food. 

We are not your typical takeaway and have taken the decision to offer our food exclusively through pre-booked order. Smoking is not a quick process and we want to be able to offer value to our customers without ever compromising on the high quality of our meat, this means waste just isn't an option. 

We rely so heavily on our word of mouth referrals and want to personally thank all our locals who have helped spread the word and kept us very busy! We have big plans for the future (when we can all actually interact again!)  and we hope to be cooking for you very soon! 

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